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Shamil Translation provides certified legal translation services. We are at the top list supplier to some of leading law firms and international corporations. Courts and government agencies accept the legal documents translated by Shamil Translation.
• Used before courts
• Executive documents

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We are transparent in estimating each document for translation at a competitive price so many businesses rely on our commitment to deliver orders on time.
• Reasonable price
• Prompt delivery


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To fit your time and result, we have gathered a team of professional translators in many languages and fields. Nature of text, volume and requested time doesn’t matter, we are well-prepared to serve you.
• 100+ language pairs
• 2M+ words translated

Human Quality

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Human translation is always the most demanding and reliable translation service. Software translators have come a long way in a short period, nonetheless the absence of accuracy and consistency in certain aspects (culture, style, tone, context, etc.) will always weekend the quality.
• Quality management in place
• Smooth order management

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strives to provide reliable document translation services of the highest caliber

Professional translation services for your industry


When you want a legal document to be translated as part of rush requirement subject to accuracy, you need a specialist. A wrong word or sentence could have major consequences for you or your firm. Imagine losing a contract or having to fight a costly court case because you relied on a translator with a less than expert knowledge of law and language. With Shamil Translation, these potential problems should not arise.
We provide legal translation for law firms and banks, training and educational institutes, embassies.


Do you feel like every word is life worthy? Then you need to trust your medical documents into the hands of our professionals. Having a qualified translation is very important, but speaking about such sphere as medicine it goes without saying that only the best experts must be involved.
Shamil provides medical translation for those who need to translate their medical reports to process them before courts or advocates, or those firms such as clinics & hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical devices, clinical research organizations (CRO) & healthcare providers.


-System Documentation
-Customer support
-Websites & apps


Are you a writer or an author of book(s) and looking for translation? Are you seeking for a professional to transform your book to other language that sounds like your first writing?
• Literature
• Fictions
• Children Fictions
• Novels


We can handle your business website for translation with content creation by hands of your expectation.


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  • Excellent Service by the staff. Good approach. Sayeed Ahmed
  • I am very happy with the service. Moayed Shehab
  • ” I am really very satisfied with the services of Shamil Translation. If I need to do any other translation, I will come back to you with no hesitation”. Kind Regards, Luisa P
  • I\’m surprise, they take my inquiry in serious situation. I feel I am important customer. They are professional in dealing with customer and following their needs. Hassan Ali
  • Very good customer service. Hamdi Gabani
  • Dear Shamil, “No problems or changes required. Your translator did a very good job. Thank you” Regards, Dr. Mildred, MOL
  • “ Shamil Translation helped us, in meeting the deadline of the client although we had provided them such a short notice which is much appreciated.” Cheryl Isaac, Mofakro OHM and Promoscope
  • Staff is very professional. Friendly and has good understanding of business requirement. Ahmed Farid
  • Keep up the good work. Abigail Garcia
  • “I would like to express my sincere thanks to your great help and your endeavor to perform the work in very swift time. It was really very professional work and am sorry for any interruption might be caused.” A.J. Almadhoob
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