High Quality Translation Solution

Shamil Translation, thanks to its professionals and team of solid background and multi-nationals/languages provide translation that sounds natural in multi-fields and purposes. All professionals are chosen based on quality assurance test before joining translation team. Shamil Translation handles each customer request as a project that should go through Quality Assurance Process (QAP) – no matter the size of document required for translation.

The Quality Assurance Process

✔ Analyse source handle source file/document & develop glossary (GoT), if necessary.
✔ Smart selection: We understand your project requirement before assigning it to the right and specialized translator. Our professionals write and create content with translation in owner’s mind/meaning or further, if necessary
✔ Translation: native speaking translator’s who is specialist in the same field working on your document.
✔ Professional/Legal proof-reader: provide peace of mind and assurance that your document is the best that you can make it and will be understood by the reader
✔ Final Review: independent linguist reviews and edit the translation for accuracy.
After Translation
✔ Final approval by customer (if applicable): our team will contact to ensure all requirement is fulfilled.
✔ Service warranty: 7 days, extendable as the case maybe.

What our customers are saying

  • Excellent Service by the staff. Good approach. Sayeed Ahmed
  • I am very happy with the service. Moayed Shehab
  • ” I am really very satisfied with the services of Shamil Translation. If I need to do any other translation, I will come back to you with no hesitation”. Kind Regards, Luisa P
  • I\’m surprise, they take my inquiry in serious situation. I feel I am important customer. They are professional in dealing with customer and following their needs. Hassan Ali
  • Very good customer service. Hamdi Gabani
  • Dear Shamil, “No problems or changes required. Your translator did a very good job. Thank you” Regards, Dr. Mildred, MOL
  • “ Shamil Translation helped us, in meeting the deadline of the client although we had provided them such a short notice which is much appreciated.” Cheryl Isaac, Mofakro OHM and Promoscope
  • Staff is very professional. Friendly and has good understanding of business requirement. Ahmed Farid
  • Keep up the good work. Abigail Garcia
  • “I would like to express my sincere thanks to your great help and your endeavor to perform the work in very swift time. It was really very professional work and am sorry for any interruption might be caused.” A.J. Almadhoob